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Luxury Apartment Rentals in Florence: Rent Vacation Home in Florence

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Pitcher & Flaccomio have a special talent for matching clients and holiday accommodation in Florence and Tuscany. Our experience allows us to quickly distinguish apartment rentals in Florence that do not meet our/your standards of upkeep, uniqueness and comfort. In every way possible, we stand behind the properties we represent. We feel that our personal relationship with most owners provides us an extra edge when negotiating the prices we publish.

Our goal is for you to be comfortable and content while in Italy. With this in mind, your Florence holiday accommodation is inspected shortly before you arrive. You will be welcomed and shown around the rental apartment by a member of the Pitcher & Flaccomio English-speaking staff. As we walk through together, we will answer questions about the apartment and your new neighbourhood. Further, at any time during your stay, you can contact the Pitcher & Flaccomio staff for assistance and advice.

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When you contact Pitcher & Flaccomio to locate a rental property in Florence or Tuscany, we will ask you a number of questions. Your answers help us understand what you are looking for. We consult our listings and send you information regarding several appropriate properties, citing their advantages and disadvantages. Remember, we have no interest in pushing you into a situation you won't find satisfactory. We are right here in Florence, and we will be the ones to deal with you if you're unhappy.

Pitcher & Flaccomio has many rental apartments in Tuscany and Umbria. Properties in Florence range from studio, one to four bedroom apartments (many in historical buildings) to in-town mansions. We offer villas, farmhouses, castles and towers in the hills of Florence, in the Tuscan countryside and other regions. Some with swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, vineyard and extensive landscaped gardens. Most are available for short or long-term rent.


Q. How long have you been in business?
Suzanne Pitcher has been in the real estate business in Florence for more than ten years. Her son Corso Flaccomio was recently made a partner after several years of active involvement during the summer months when we are particularly busy.

Q. What sets you apart from others?
Our on-site personal involvement, service and attention to detail. We are located in Florence. Any problems? We are RIGHT HERE to take care of it.

Q. Why would anyone stay for a year?
To immerse oneself fully into the Italian culture. Plus Florence is the site of one of Italy's best American elementary through high school academies, making it a wonderful choice for parents interested in providing a priceless opportunity to their growing children to experience a culture outside their own.

Q. In addition to renting a villa, I would like a guide for touring.
We will be happy to recommend any number of services including trusted drivers, guides, restaurants, and shops that you can contact on your own. Unfortunately, time does not allow us to make bookings. On the other hand, we're happy to provide you with a schedule of special events happening during your stay in Florence. We wouldn't want you to miss any of the traditional festivities that might appeal to you.

Q. What properties do you offer in Florence itself?
Our properties include both modern and traditionally furnished apartments, as well as our "Best of the Best" which are some very elegant and spacious accommodations for which the word "apartment" seems an understatement.

Q. Do you offer villas for rent outside of Florence?
Yes we offer apartments in the hills surrounding Florence as well as villas and country houses from as close as 5 minutes from downtown to within about an hour's drive. We even have country houses a few kilometres away from the home immortalised in the best seller Under the Tuscan Sun. We have a full range of accommodations. The choice depends on your personal taste and budget.