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The church of
Santa Maria Novella

Pitcher & Flaccomio have a special talent for matching clients and accommodation. Our experience allows us to quickly distinguish properties that do not meet our/your standards of upkeep, uniqueness and comfort. In every way possible, we stand behind the properties we represent. We feel that our personal relationship with most owners provides us an extra edge when negotiating the prices we publish.



Is for you to be comfortable and content while in Italy. With this in mind, your accommodation is inspected shortly before you arrive. You will be welcomed and shown around the property by a member of the Pitcher & Flaccomio English-speaking staff. As we walk through together, we will answer questions about the apartment and your new neighbourhood. Further, at any time during your stay, you can contact the Pitcher & Flaccomio staff for assistance and advice.


When you contact Pitcher & Flaccomio to locate a rental property, we will ask you a number of questions. Your answers help us understand what you are looking for. We consult our listings and send you information regarding several appropriate properties, citing their advantages and disadvantages. Remember, we have no interest in pushing you into a situation you won't find satisfactory. We are right here in Florence, and we will be the ones to deal with you if you're unhappy.

All of the properties we represent have something to offer, it maybe the price, view or location etc. We pride ourselves on being brutally forthright in our evaluations, in other words, we'll communicate the pluses as well as the minuses. We would like to add from our experience, that very often photos can be deceptive. We try hard to show our properties as they really are, both in our photos and especially in our written descriptions.
Please read them carefully.

NOTE: our floor plans are not necessarily to scale and some are hand drawn from memory. Landlords can also change the furnishings in the apartment without our knowledge. It is our prime concern whenever possible that upon learning of any significant change in the conditions of the property we would seek to inform a client prior to their arrival.

For special events: we can’t stress it enough, the benefit of sending one member of your family to Tuscany prior to making your final decision. Personal inspection of each option can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your stay. An example of what might be discovered on such a trip is that the logistics of moving a large group of people back and forth from a remote country location might be less preferable than booking a Florence city location.
For long term rentals: it is extremely important and we can’t advize it enough that you come and personally inspect the properties offered. You will “put up with some defect for a month but you will not put up with the same defect for a year” By coming and seeing for yourself, you will be able to appreciate each location and what it has to offer. The convenience of being near public transport, schools, shops and sports facilities are big factors when deciding on a new home, plus we will endevour to point out to you, the pros and cons of each property.


Pitcher & Flaccomio have many properties in Tuscany and Umbria. Properties in Florence range from studio, one to four bedroom apartments (many in historical buildings) to in-town mansions. We offer villas, farmhouses, castles and towers in the hills of Florence, in the Tuscan countryside and other regions. Some with swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, vineyard and extensive landscaped gardens. Most are available for short or long-term rent.

Important information to keep in mind:
Florence is a living city. Certain circumstances are beyond our control. Traffic patterns may change making a quiet street busier...a neighbour can choose to renovate, again creating unexpected noise...once tranquil piazzas can be turned into summer concert halls.

The apartments are not stocked with general necessities, during your stay you will have to provide items like toilet paper and hand soap for yourselves. We do not offer hotel or residence service. There are no concierges, though our Pitcher & Flaccomio office is here to answer any questions that may come up.

According to Italian law, heating (which may be condominial or autonomous) can only be used from November 1 to April 15. It cannot be turned on earlier, nor kept on any later. Heating may be on for a maximum of 12 hours per day. Only electric heaters or wood fires are exempt from this law. With the rising prices of pertolium heating (gas) air conditioning (electricity) are very expensive in Italy for that reason we highly reccommend that you bring appropriate clothing for both the clod and hot weather.



Again, our aim is for you to be comfortable during your stay in Italy. Of course it helps to be open-minded and willing to accept cultural differences. You may not find "all the comforts of home". At the same time, we think you might find some you don't have at "home". Most visitors soon learn to enjoy the subtle differences in life-style and the Italian ability to relish and nurture "la dolce vita", to slow down and enjoy life's pleasures. Guests with the ability to accept the Italian approach to life, are our happiest clients.


Rental rates:
Our rates are quoted in Euro. Deposit and rental payments may be sent via post, bank transfer or by credit card through our secure page in any currency. The agency commission is based a percentage of the rent. For short term rentals the commission is generally included in the price quoted. For long term rentals the agency commission is 10%. The maximum commission is the equivalent of one months rent. Tax will be added to the agency commission when billed. This does not apply to the rental payments.

Security deposit:
The security deposit will be returned on the day of departure after having deducted all expenses (utilities, telephone cable T.V cleaning and laundry etc.). Long-term contracts may include further taxes and fees (garbage collection, contract registration fees). In the unusual event that damage or billing assessment be necessary, the deposit may be held for a maximum of 90 days.

In order to offer the best short-term rates possible, we do not charge an inflated set utility fee designed to more than cover the cost of electricity, gas, etc. Instead, these charges will be tallied from meter readings taken together at the beginning and end of your stay. In almost every case, you will have access to these meters at any time to control your utility expenses as you go.

Telephone & Internet:
We think it is a convenient advantage to have a land phone and internet access in each home or apartment, and we encourage our owners to maintain this amenity for our clients. Telephone costs are also based on your personal use. Internet can be either based on a monthly flat rate (as of now approx. Euro 50.00) or per minute, depending on the type of contract organised by the owner.

Final cleaning:
All costs that are not included in the rental rate e.g. the final cleaning and laundry fee, are carefully outlined in each property description. There is ALWAYS a final cleaning and laundry fee to be paid, as we believe this to be the prime requisite of our clients to have a spotless home. Long-term contracts may include further cleaning expenses e.g. carpet and furniture cleaning etc.
FAQ pdf file