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Buy, Sell, Rent, Manage Houses, Apartments and other Properties in Florence, Italy. Pitcher & Flaccomio is a real estate agency located in Florence, Italy which buys and sells properties on behalf of homeowners in Florence, its outskirts and across Tuscany. We buy and sell apartments, farm houses and villas of various sizes to accommodate all of our clients' needs, offering a wide selection of possibilities to those wishing to buy a house in Florence and Tuscany.

In addition to buying and selling properties, we also manage properties for absentee landlords as well as offer a broad selection of vacation rentals in Florence and Tuscany for short and long term stays. We have villas, farmhouses and apartment rentals in Florence, the outskirts of Florence and the Tuscan countryside available for your next holiday. Please enter our site and see for yourself the select accommodation we offer as vacation rentals as well as properties for sale.